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GO MUSEE is a cultural tourism website operated by MUSEE JAPAN Inc. to provide information on regional culture, history and museums in Hokkaido and other parts of Japan.

About Our Company

Our Mission

MUSEE JAPAN was born with the mission of conveying Japan’s regional culture to the world.
Tangible and intangible culture can be the regional pride and identity nurtured in the regions of Japan, the day-to-day events, the region’s structures or even nature itself, and exists close-by as the contents of museums.
The region itself is one big museum.
With the region as a base, we aim to convey that culture to the world and, by welcoming countless cultural tourists from around the world we aim to create an economy from the culture.

Our Work

In order to develop the regional culture into a cultural economy, we carry out the following work.

  • Utilization of the Internet to convey regional culture to the world
  • Planning, production and overseas sale of Cool Japan goods
  • Support for inbound culture-related tourism
  • Support for foreign language communication for museums
  • Education & training of guides for overseas visitors
  • Support for activity of the promotion of the world heritage inscription of Jomon culture

Musee Japan's Mission

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