Hokkaido Access Guide

Japan’s location in the world

Japan’s location in the worldHokkaido is located at the northernmost part of the Japanese archipelago and has a cool climate with low humidity. In summer, it has an agreeable, refreshing climate hardly affected by the rainy season and typhoons that characterize the rest of Japan during the summer months. In winter, the land is covered with landscapes of snow and ice, for which northern regions are known. As such, Hokkaido offers opportunities to enjoy dramatic changes of scenery throughout the year.

Hokkaido is surrounded by the sea on three sides – the Pacific, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk. The vast area, which accounts for approximately 20% of Japan’s total landmass, has a spectacular environment that reveals the full natural beauty of the four seasons.

Hokkaido is generally divided into four areas: southern Hokkaido, central Hokkaido, northern Hokkaido and eastern Hokkaido.

Expressways, railways and airports are well developed, and access to major cities is as follows:

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